What Will Make A Difference?

At this point, getting to a reliable MRR value instead of sporadic bursts of income would bring me closer to my goal.

Some activities are a solid value-add. If I stumble over a technical topic where I want to write an article, it would be a pitty not to use this burst of motivation to incrementally improve my main site (vsupalov.com).

However, adding one more article will most probably not make much of a difference for that particular asset. It would need to be a great new piece of writing, leading to a new product. A speculative bet. Important to make over and over, but there are more reliable ones around right now.

Instead, working on the funnel which helps make visitors to subscribers to potential repeat-customers will make all the difference for that particular asset. Right now, the site is great at getting visitors, but can be massively improved on all subsequent steps.

Other Projects

There's a mistake I have been making in the past, especially around securing clients for my consulting business.

Once I had a project, I basically stopped putting in work to get more leads. That's a tricky thing to notice while you're making that mistake. Mostly because the payoff of marketing activities is around 3 months in the future. Once you need new clients, you'll wish that you had been at it for months before.

I think, the same goes for building a portfolio of assets. While I have one which is generating revenue, I want to keep developing others as well incrementally. Creating a first MVP for an idea and letting it just exist for a while, see what resonates with the market and what resonates with me in terms of ideas.

While it's a great thing to develop an existing, working asset I will try not to forget giving other projects, which could develop into assets with a bit of time, the attention they need to grow.

But Not Just Tangible Things

Writing this, is insanely valuable for me. Well, maybe not this particular article - but the process of repeatedly putting my thoughts into words, looking for things to write about (and clarify for myself), being interested in developing ideas.

It's hard to put a revenue number on those activities, but I'm sure that it's a valuable upstream activity for all kinds of projects, asset improvements and personal skill development I'm going to do this year.

Somehow, by sharing information and putting things into writing, I gain clarity and a better understanding of the things I'm dealing with.

Writing regularly, and writing with an eye to provide insight and value to other people will make a lot of difference in the long term.

Hi! I'm Vladislav, follow me on the journey towards building a portfolio of assets and reach 2000 MRR.