What Is An Asset Anyway?

For me, an asset is something which can rise in value over time. In the best case, completely detached from time put in by the owner. If the value rises or revenue happens with an acceptable amount of effort to keep it going, that's perfectly fine too.

It's a kind of investing. But unlike usual capital-focused investments, where you buy ETFs, rental property and so on, you can create your own digital assets by putting in time and skill.

A well-visited blog is an asset. An educational product like a course or a book is an asset. A SaaS is an asset.

Project vs Asset

The thing is, it's hard to tell what will work. I love building things, but most of those projects don't end up finding a good fit with an audience or market.

The approach I'm taking for new ideas, is to put in the minimal amount of effort, and look either for ways to do better with a little more effort, or for signs of traction. People reacting with interest.

Once a published project begins growing in value and leverage, it's on the best way to become an asset. Before that, it's merely an experiment. A small bet which might or might not pay off.

Hi! I'm Vladislav, follow me on the journey towards building a portfolio of assets and reach 2000 MRR.