I think I'd like to build a 5-dollar-per-month SaaS

You know, it might be a proven-bad-idea, but I keep on thinking about how I'd like to own a "5-dollar-a-month" SaaS.

To my understanding, this is the thing most people would advise you not to build, as it's considered a... Well, what exactly? A product which is hard to grow, which attracts a price-sensitive audience, a sign that you're not working on an expensive enough problem when 5 bucks is the most people would be willing to pay for it?

But I'd like to build one anyway. Maybe just to be able to join the conversation with "yeah, built one, can't recommend it because X Y Z".

The nice thing, when it comes to a portfolio approach, is that building a "bad" SaaS idea can be a valuable activity. I think there are lots of interesting learnings to be had from actually executing on a SaaS idea.

Stuff I'll probably bump into, and parts I will be able to reuse across my portfolio in the future, even if only as "past experience" and "things I wouldn't implement this way again".

Now, that the intention and motivation is clear, all that's left is to build it. I think I have an idea (a thing-I'd-like-to-exist) for that occasion.

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